Koa Wood Maui
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This is Koa Wood Maui and I make high quality wood pens and gifts, I use mostly Hawaiian woods like Koa wood but I also use other exotic woods from around the world. I have many different pen kits to choose from and I have hundreds of pen kits in stock, I also have thousands of pen blanks of different woods from Hawaii and around the worls. This website is still under construction, check back often as I will be adding many items and information in the near future. For further information please email@ KoaWoodMaui@gmail.com

I make one of a kind pens from exotic Hawaiian woods and woods from around the world.
Here is some examples of different styles of pens and woods used to make them.
This is more examples of the one of a kind pens you will find here at Koa Wood Maui.

This is an example of one of the high end pens I make, this has high quality platings and a high quality mechanism. The wood I use for these pens is strictly the best of the best.
Koa Jewerly Box
This is a Hawaiian TruQuarter pen. The quarter in the pen is a real quarter

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